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Tennessee Titans studs and duds for 2016: A Chance for Redemption

May 31, 2016 by Joe Esposito

In the midst of any offseason, speculation reigns supreme as we look for players to finally cement themselves as top notch talents. A culmination of injuries and scheme fits set back players on a frequent basis, until they finally hit their stride. We once again take a look at two players for the Tennessee Titans who will reach their potential, and one who will fall.

This weeks Stud: Chance Warmack

As previously stated, a player’s scheme fit can either make or break their chances of reaching one’s ceiling. In the case of Chance Warmack, lack of coaching and scheme fit have anchored the former first rounder from attaining stardom. At Alabama, Warmack found himself as a road grader in Alabama’s downhill blocking scheme. A simple concept, giving offensive lineman easy keys and responsibilities during the length of a play maximized Warmack’s ability and productivity. Many players have come out and spoken of the complex blocking scheme set up by former head coach Ken Whisenhunt, who had lineman blocking aimlessly across all levels.

Coming out of college, Warmack gained praise as one of the most sure talented guards to come out in recent memory. Having a player change his entire style of play, regardless of position, certainly delays the growth and progress towards becoming a solid starter. Asking an offensive lineman to go from a physical scheme to a finesse scheme is a difficult task. Along with outlandish responsibilities throughout the duration of a play leaving a young lineman’s head spinning.

This upcoming season, Warmack will finally become comfortable as a guard and earn a contract to stay with the Titans. This past month, Tennessee failed to pick-up Warmack’s fifth year option on his rookie contract, making this season his play for pay campaign. A familiar scheme and likely transition back to his original position at left guard will bode well for Warmack and the Titans. The addition of center Ben Jones and tackle Jack Conklin will also assist Warmack in growing into the many expected him to become.

Russ Grimm will also be coaching up the offensive line this season, opposed to a former division three linebacker’s coach who led the group last season. Warmack voiced his displeasure with the teams position coach last season questioning his ability to reach players and gain their respect. Perhaps no offensive line coach garners more respect than Grimm, who is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ultimately, comfort and coaching will give Warmack every opportunity to his his stride and prove his worth to Jon Robinson.

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